Equipable Items Rework

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Equipable Items Rework

Post by Fischer » Thu May 07, 2020 3:10 pm

I have an idea about the items and equipment of the character!! It is a Rework on all items equipped by the characters.
For some time I have seen that there are many items with equal levels but they are different from each other, they are not a complete set. As if they were random items for the same level as the character.
My idea is ... to do a Rework on the levels of each equipment, creating a complete set for a certain item of the character. Ex (Archer class ... Crystal Bow / Crystal Leg / Crystal Helmet / Crystal Boots).
Doing this ... there will be many items left that could be placed above level 3000. jevo players level 4000/5000/6000, with equipment level 3000.
Regarding how to get these sets of equipment, we can opt for mobs that drop these equipment. As is the case with Red Crocy, which drops several items from the LVL40.

I hope it was clear what my idea is kkkkk.
A good day everyone !!!
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