Fix the clan building tool

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Fix the clan building tool

Post by Moonraker » Thu May 08, 2014 10:37 pm

Posted this on new version 3.9 but thoight it worthy of its own thread

Please fix the clan building tool. A rival clan should not be able to drop a building in the middle of another clans protected territory, effectively sealing off access to the clan buildings.The old tool was flawed but at least you had to stand next to the placement spot. The new tool u can stand far far away. This has made clan buildings useless. This is a major issue as it make the ability to buy n build clan tower a waste of time and has allowed a single dominant player(guess who) can gain even more advantage thru this weakness. I for one will not spend any more money (30-60 dollars month) until a fix is promised / implimented. I really like this game it is too bad a single player exploits weaknesses to gain a greater advantge than he already has.

On the clan side this game has I believe a fatal balance problem I suggested on another thread limiting stat resets to once every 30 days and no stat resets over L 500 this will prevent high lvl players from overloading stats to one extreme to a tactical advantage then quickly resetting for grinding mobs. It will go a long way to balanced gameplay.

Current gameplay give complete advantage to a single player. I believe this unbalance will in time destroy the game. I wonder how many players have left doe to this imbalance and instead of touting the game to others, tell them not to play.

I think this game is unique in a universe of cookie cutter games and I really enjoy playing, or I did until recently when a single high level player xploited game weakness clan build tool, unlimited stat reset, now I don't want to even bother playing, but I really like playing so I am asking to look into wat I have posted hereFix the clan building tool
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Re: Fix the clan building tool

Post by compbatant » Sun May 11, 2014 5:29 pm

Now you can build only near your character :)
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