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Forgotten Tales Game Database

Post by davidjett »

Hello fellow travelers, quest completors, grinders and all around Heroes! Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a central repository containing all the in game monsters, items, quests and more?

Great news!

Due to the wonderful contributions from all of you here on the forums, we now have a centralized database to make your Forgotten Tales gameplay experience that much more enjoyable!

The database is completely sortable by any field which enhances the overall usability. Best of all, it is a living and breathing database which means it will grow with the game itself.

This database has had a tremendous amount of input and assistance from the FT community. That to say, if you see anything that needs to be updated, corrected, etc. please send me a PM here.

Enjoy and keep grinding!

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Unfortunately, the website is no longer working. The external link has been removed, but the post will remain in case it gets restored in the future.

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Re: Forgotten Tales Game Database

Post by Leone »

Fantastic! Thank you for this.