The annoying fails for lvling

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Do u expirienced the same sometime?

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Re: The annoying fails for lvling

Post by Syor »

SellSword wrote: Mon Mar 07, 2022 11:39 pm
Syor wrote: Mon Mar 07, 2022 10:44 pm I think then that this is the reason for my logouts while coloring my weapon.

Perhaps the coloring screen is on top of the game, and the system does not recognize it as a game, although I repeatedly tapped the screen for the color levers.

Check it out if you can.
Yes, I've done the same thing when recoloring. I imagine the same thing for both skin and gear coloring where it does not register as acrivity.

As for the main question is is remarkably easy to tap a button once every few minutes.
uhm .... then this happened.
I hope the AFK control at least gets past the staining window and exits above this window. otherwise we also lack the controls .... loooool
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Re: The annoying fails for lvling

Post by LostKnight »

messi wrote: Tue Mar 08, 2022 1:39 am Well the thing is i have 2 phobes, while i play on the one and check all 10 sec if everything is right, and on other do something like youtube or play other game, it cant be considered as afk, also i think nobody plays ft10h a day and do nothing at the same time, if its a game like Lol, or fifa, where u rly need do and can something every time..than ok, if i believe u what u say,that ur not 1 sec afk, than ur max lvl would be 1-2k in about 2-4 years, and other ppl here making in 2 years over +5k lvls... also everytime gm was for afk check i was on, and all afk checks i did right, except for the begining of the new system bcs i dont understood the princip, so for u afk chexks should be all 5 secs, to rly see if someones afk?
Well, you are wrong. There have been MANY days I have played FT 10-12 hours and more in a day.
I am retired and started playing on a tablet, then 2 and finally 3 tablets, they died, Now I play on my computer.
I can have one alt mining, one fishing and my main doing what he needs to do. I open a 4th to transfer items.
For a whole years I did nothing but mining and crafting for gold.

And I have admitted in the past I have gone AFK. We are looking after my elderly MIL, there is small a brass "Ships Bell" down stairs - if that rings I RUN! Sometimes I forget to shut down, and other times I shut down while surrounded by mobs. IF I get caught and end up in jail for a while so be it, it's a game and for me, LIFE takes first place.
I am always AFK!
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Re: The annoying fails for lvling

Post by SellSword »

I don't believe there is anything that prohibits a player from watching a show, playing a second account, or other such activities when you are grinding. Everyone looks away from a screen now and then.

That being said, players are required to at least pay attention. If someone doesn't see a GM talking to them, misses an AFK check, gets logged out for inactivity, gets killed by mobs or a player because they aren't paying attention, etc. that is on them.

The OP is a moot point anyhow as this has been in the game for years. You can read in the forum where it was introduced if interested.
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Re: The annoying fails for lvling

Post by LordSeth »

SellSword and LostKnight s right we have had these mechanics in the game for years and we are not changing them we will not even think about changing them just because some players cannot watch a five and a half minute video on YouTube without being disconnected from the game because they were not paying attention. However if you were watching a 5 minute video without responding to the game you are AFK and if you are caught AFK you will be punished I will not tell any player that they cannot do other things while they play the game I encourage other players to pay attention while they are playing if they cannot pay attention they should not play the game they can log out until they are free to attentively pay attention to the game we understand if you are not grinding AFK it may take a little bit longer for you to level up your character but that is not the rules of the game it is a requirement to pay attention while you were playing the game it is very simple if you cannot pay attention stay offline until you can pay attention
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