More places to level up !!!

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More places to level up !!!

Post by Killsam »

I'm exhausted my only time to play I enter the game and there are always people where I upload, I can't do anything but leave the game. on island devil must enter +1000 . It's enough the ogre always die for hp 18k and now I have to wait for the guys to come out for me to level up. The experience is not good, I'm not happy.
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Re: More places to level up !!!

Post by justj99 »

There are a lot of other places to level up, including with ogres. You are making the decision to either stay there or leave the game until one, very popular, spawn spot is available. Explore your options, explore the game. Getting some XP, somewhere else, is much better than getting none at all in one spot that is occupied!
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Re: More places to level up !!!

Post by SellSword »

Personally, I never did any grinding on that map. There have been so many complaints about ogre halflings getting killed there that it's a wonder people still go there. As ustj99 said though there are plenty of other places. There are even posts on the forum about where people can grind with ogres halflings.
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Re: More places to level up !!!

Post by Leone »

Absolutely agree. Find new spots, open up new challenges and experiences and familiarise yourself with the huge game map with all it has to offer.

That has to be better than limiting yourself to one corner of a map. Where's the fun in that?
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Re: More places to level up !!!

Post by Syor »

real. some places are very full. often.
In the past, too, I have asked to increase the spam points of the most used monsters.

But now I don't care.

With worm and show Dino I can kill many, many different types of monsters. And I like to change, even to get different drops.

I've always hated Ogre and Devil Island pets to gain experience. However, I often used the red mushrooms inside.

There are good places for ogres too (Stan under the gardens, elder trappen, Etc.)

Always have fun.
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Re: More places to level up !!!

Post by LostKnight »

Imagine a city where you know only one store.
I can't go shopping today the store is full.

Doesn't work like that! Explore!
OH, look another store, I've never been in that one before.

From what you are saying is that you expect every player to have his/her own spawn spot.
That is unrealistic. Explore!
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Re: More places to level up !!!

Post by SK1976 »

that is not the only place with RedDevils (DarkDevils) to grind.

In Ardesia are these Devils too :)
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