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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by Powerup »

LordSeth wrote: Sat Jan 08, 2022 5:59 am If you see a player who is breaking any of the game rules you can file your report on this here.
If you wish to remain anonymous you can send your report to a GM.

Click This link for the game rules

Do not send your report to multiple GM's at once. If a GM does not respond to your report within three days you can send your report to another GM.
Click here to see the GM list


The GM INBOX is inactive. Do not send your report to the GM INBOX.
good day I come to report a player who kills pet went to attack me in lvl and when he saw what he couldn't he took out spawn and killed my pets
My account that lost pets is cerverus
The one that killed pet is called: AAE607
The images show a lot of the time I killed my pets, the time before my death and the time I started lvl
I hope he is punished accordingly. balances and have a good day
Screenshot_20220728-202147.png (4.16 MiB) Viewed 159 times
Screenshot_20220728-233031.png (3.75 MiB) Viewed 159 times
Screenshot_20220728-233421.png (4.56 MiB) Viewed 159 times
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by J_A_S_U_M »

Good day !
Player by name ,,killer606,, tried to kill my pets!
I told them to leave because I was the first to spawn, they interfered, they took away experience and lastly,killer606, wanted to kill my pets.
i am - J_A_S_U_M
Violators -ALEX , killer606
Killed pets - killer606
Map - ,,-2.2,, bacterium 17.33
Time - 4:15 PM
I beg you to strictly punish the killers of pets because for pets I give real money that I don't get from them !!!!
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by J_A_S_U_M »

Here is the proof!
IMG_20220804_161521.jpg (999.4 KiB) Viewed 92 times
IMG_20220804_161540.jpg (780.13 KiB) Viewed 92 times
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by Akkilles »

I strongly suggest that you who recently loss a pet or pets would read this.
The biggest responsibilities is within the pet owners.
Like what is described is this post. Why are you bringing weak pets into dangerous maps. ?

I don't care if your pets can kill anything faster and you want you gain xp in minimum amount of time. If they can be killed easy and you risk them. It's your fault. Move to safer maps because you can log out if anyone is trying to pvp you.

Read this post because I agree to 100% that is written here. ---->viewtopic.php?p=143955#p143955
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by wypka80 »

Добрый день, мне слили Петомца пока я делал квест 250 гномов военноначальников. Убил моего петомца наспавнив Мобов AAE607. Скриншота нет. Но есть свидетель происходящему. Заранее спасибо
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