An observation on worthless player reports

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An observation on worthless player reports

Post by SellSword »

Here is the official link for reporting players:

Here is a short guide from a GM on how to report:

Based on my observations many of the reports in the player reports channel are absolute garbage. It's a channel for reports though and not commentary, and since GMs continue to chastise people for posting non-report material there I won't include any.

To start, how many pictures of "pet killers" have the accused with a red PvP target around them? That adds many more variables to the situation. It is 100% permitted for me to go up to a player who is grinding and attack them. If that player is tanking for his/her pets and moves during the fight they can kill their own pets with their own spawn. That is not the attacker's fault. I know that reports connected to PvP are a decent-sized percentage of the issues.

Second, it's almost comical how many people report issues on the same grinding spots. If you're grinding right at the entrance/exit of the bacterium map you have to accept that players can come and go and you're in the way. If I walk from the looters map to leave the bacterium map I'm not responsible for just walking across a map. Of course I'll stop for a moment to kill mobs following me, but if I'm literally just walking across the map to get to the exit it's normal game play and that's been discussed countless times. Same as if I race from the mithril under Silverwood and make a beeline to the exit. Not my fault if someone keeps their pets there. Players that put themselves or their pets in these situations can't blame others for regular game play. This is true on open maps, but even more so when maps are limited to one entrance or exit.

And ogre halflings? I'm pretty sure there are several books' worth of comments on that I have nothing to add that hasn't been countless times.

One person's lack of observance is not another person's problem. How many reports seem to start with a screenshot where things are ok and end with dead players or pets? But why take measures to protect your pets when you can just accuse someone of killing them, right?

And if a player doesn't learn why is their willful lack of doing so someone else's problem? I mean, the same player repeats the same situation multiple times and has an issue each time? There are plenty of GM comments about moving to other locations.

And don't get me started on reports that are worthless for their lack of information. In elementary school young kids learn the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" method of providing detailed information. Why can't some players do the same?

I'm not talking about any specific player here. If someone reads this and gets upset that I'm talking about them they should probably take a long, hard look at their reports.
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Re: An observation on worthless player reports

Post by Galbatroix »

Very well said SellSword :)
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Re: An observation on worthless player reports

Post by Leone »

Agree wholeheartedly. Well said.

A must-read for all players - new and old.
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Re: An observation on worthless player reports

Post by Gullander »


Might I add that players that are clanned or are currently outlaws need to take extra care as the attention they might receive increases. It is just common sense to be extra watchful and perhaps even choose less contested areas to grind at.
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Re: An observation on worthless player reports

Post by LostKnight »

Well said SellSword, totally agree.
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