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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by Sarev »

I want report player. He breaks rule 10. Stands at spawn and insults other players on nationalistic ground. There is a screenshots:
Screenshot_20230115_211935.jpg (914.37 KiB) Viewed 232 times
Screenshot_20230115_212228.jpg (994.84 KiB) Viewed 232 times
Player name: Samargl
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by LIOX117 »

I want to report this player who is super annoying and whenever he attacks he tries to kill my pets I'm tired of him always doing it on previous occasions and he has killed many pets I have a video Celestial Player Name

Report must include.
Your player name.
The other's name.
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Pet kill

Post by Chrollo »

MAP : 4.1

Troken is my friend and I trust him . I lvl in this place and I came and I found 4 dragons waiting for me . I didn't think my friend will kill my pets. And in the second time he spawned 10 dragons and he told me to help him with my ogers which I did bc I trust my friend. And he log off to kill my pets .
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by peacfeliz »

Me: peacfeliz
Abuser: _Ogrik_
Yesterday, during pvp, the ogrik attacked me (his name was red before, it turned white after killing) but I couldn't target him. I went in and out of the disabled area for reset, but it didn't change. A few minutes later they attacked again. The name of the SPmen who hit me at the same time turned red, but _Ogrik_ still did not. I want his name to be red. This is so unfair.

Akkilles - I could not find any bug here.
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Re: *Player_Report*

Post by Chicken_Egg »

Rule breakers name: BQ 1270+mage
I was lvling he came from uper spot and started spawning mobs on my pets.
Rule violation: 9 reducing the in game experience of other-pet killing
My name: ChickenEgg
/Info: Map:
Time: 22Jan, 2023.20: 28 like a minute before, no photo cause i had to log off fast.

Akkilles - Have settled an agreement with the player.
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