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Add the possibility of crafting your own armor and weapons at low levels.
You can mine and fell trees already but the gears offered for crafting starts at an incredibly high level.
Sewing Machine
Blacksmith lab
Shoemaker lab
Fur from wolves
Teeth and other existing in quests items even post quests
Spider thread from red spiders
Craft: armors by inserting items in SLOTS in the Sewing Machine
For example 4 wolf pets + 2 spider thread = heavy jacket
Another example 1 wooden plank + 1 wolf pet = simple boots.

Also, you can't really fish without worms so a
Worm Farm can be added
To make a Worm Farm you have to first cultivate a land plot
Land plot produces: cotton + compost materials
Cotton is used to make armors and clothes (e. g. gloves, bandana)
Compost materials are necessary to grow worms.

It would be interesting to have a market place where characters can trade their crafted goods for a fishing rod, for example.


Same as above but with the possibility of having your own stall at the market to sell your stuff to other players with in game gold.
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