The "Black Screen of Death"

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The "Black Screen of Death"

Post by LostKnight »

To coincide with the BSOD Windows has.

We walk:
1. to another map, or
2. through a portal to another area
for 2 examples.


We have to shut down the game and sometimes wait a while before we can log in again.

Can this be fixed?
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Re: The "Black Screen of Death"

Post by SK1976 »

i reported the same, and atm its not blackscreen. It freezes allways ! All is moving but i cant move my charakter.
I have to close the game, free the RAM, and than i can relog !

I not find the report at the moment, but i reported that before like you are telling too.

I hope it will be fixed soon. In the last days it freezes more and more like before. Mostely i think it freezes when i am running with speedpots, but i dont know it exactly.
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