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Re: RoadRunR

Post by Gullander »

Either Impossmage or L3on3 are great choices! :D

The nicest player I knew who doesn't play now was Ezatkan! The big heart of Mexico!! Honorable mention I guess! :) B3lf was a super player too!

Respect to all of these!

Now GM's but as players I would be remiss not to mention the fine merits of justj99 and witch!!
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by Andromeda »

I vote for Lk, Gullander, L3on3, Galbatroix Saphi, imposs, mute,tragedy,mad, They're always nice and help you when you must need it and it's always fun to spend time with them.

i know they are Gms but i have to mentione them
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by Nicole-_- »

Coming from a little-big killer like me i'd have to go with only 5 players:
Justj99- even tho I have killed and bullied him as a low lvl he has helped me ever since given me pets to give to my friends for christmas and gave me sets of gear even tho I am a clumsy nuiscance and he helps me whenever he has the time , 1 of the many reason i am at 2k now🙂

Himmelzorn - even though all the players on 2,2 has believed all the lies that were told about me himmel didn't care, nor believe any of it and still let me in the tribe so i can handle my business. She's a nice person

ImpossMage - even though I'm a pain in his behind he helps me with my quests , level my alts , and assists me with items if he have them (whenever he has the time of course) 🙂 hes a good dood, thinks things through also he's a great strategist.

nobuneko66 - nobu also helps me with quests , and provides me items for my daily quests anytime i ask, also instantly gets straight to the task no matter what they're doing (ofc i pay good) another good player who just likes to be peaceful and enjoy the game 🙂

Last but not least

Galbatroix - This guy right here 😂 , He's a player I brought over from the other game (Omega Vanitas) he has helped me a nice amount in both games even though i introduced him to ft he has surpassed me of course, nice guy helps people with quite a few things also.

If these people are nice to me imagine what they are to other players :D cuz im a huge pain in their behinds and i know it 😂.
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by Galbatroix »

My vote has to go to L3on3

L3on3 has always been there to help me from day 1 of my journey, helped me through quests, items, always friendly and says hi. And that doesn't fall to just me L3on3 goes out of his way to help anyone in need, to me that is the greatest thing a FT player could ever accomplish and in my book this makes L3on3 the nicest player.
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by Leone »

Thank you very much to you all:) Much appreciated.

RoadRunR gave me a very nice gift.
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by RoadRunR THE HUNT »

RoadRunR found the first name in the list off the nicest players in FT. He will keep searching for more.

Please keep posting your nicest and kind players in thia thread and tell us why this player deserves a present .

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Re: RoadRunR

Post by RoadRunR THE HUNT »

Another friendly player in FT.
Go get them RoadRunR ❤️
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by RoadRunR THE HUNT »

There are so many friendly players to give presents to.
RoadRunR will find them all. ❤️
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Re: RoadRunR

Post by RoadRunR THE HUNT »

RoadRunR still hunts friendly players and found one today. MEEEP MEEEP

Keep posting new names on this thread for more friendly or kind players. RoadRunR will give them a present.

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