Don't lose that level.

The offline game was the original game and is different from the MMORPG!

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Don't lose that level.

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Well well, I just discovered a neat "feature" in the offline game.
The "Wizard" on 0.0 that takes all your XP in the MMOG to reset your stats.
Change stats and XP = 0
Well in FT-RPG he 'says' he takes your XP but a bug means he takes a level.
Really BAD news if you just got to 75 and want to change your DEX to fight Red Monsters - OOPS all of a sudden your 75 gear is not good because you're not 75 but 74.

Here's what you do:
- Level until just before you go from 76 to 77 get that XP close and remove all weapons to walk to the Wizard. Except the Mages wand, you may need to heal.
- Talk to the Wizard, loose a level to 75, BUT your XP will be more than what is required to get to level 76 because you do not loose XP.
- Reset your DEX, in my case, and all else on STR or Mana
- walk south of the river, killing 1 wolf, that will give you 2 XP points. And since your XP is already beyond what is needed for level 76, you get the level and 2 more XP points.
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So you don't lose a level this way, just the XP like the game says it should be.

Really you do lose the level, but 2 XP points from a wolf gives it back.
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