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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by FilipFT »

Hello, this is my map. I have some ideas for this(mobs and quests)!
Mobs: top left be for a “Evil Miners” and right side is for “Pirates”.
There left up have a enternace in mine where can soawn “Evil Miners” and have to bring some material and tool to go inside. Right side map have boat where have one NPC(daily quest) who wanna to killing “Pirates” down right have a littl boat to go at island where have ledders for underground where u can found “Bugs” and have one portal need to repair with some materials to fast go at any map ( idk what map rn).
I hope u like this and i need to know if need something to fix or add.
Thanks for feedback! :o
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Re: Creating maps - NEW!

Post by twinktwinker »

Greetings! I think some links mentioned in compbatant's post were outdated/deleted. Honestly I want to download dev client for ft to be sure whats new with spawngrid changes but I can't download it ,I hope this zip is not gone forever.Such a great tool it is :)
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