Personal suggestions for new clans wanting to settle

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Personal suggestions for new clans wanting to settle

Post by ardesia »

A relatively new player asked me about how to settle down with a new clan.

A GM does not take parts nor sides in clans, so I think it is fair to share the answer I gave him with the whole community: other new players migh find it useful, and it might open space for other suggestions too.

Deciding to start a new clan and a new base is one of the biggest challenges of this game.
It is hard, but not impossible.

New players happen to wish starting their clan, and building a base, and get shocked when they start being attacked.
What they disregard - or underestimate - is in my opinion that an important part of clans is in public relationships and politics.
If one is really determined in building a base, this is what I would suggest.
It is just my personal point of view, mind, not an official listing of rules :)

1. Talk with players in other clans. Establish friendships relationships with them. You can set up a mutual respect relationship with an enemies too, sometimes.

2. Try setting alliances. You and your clanmates could improve building skill by helping your allied levelling up their base - and perhaps they will help you back when you will be building.

3. Earn some established clan's trust and ask for a piece of land in their base, to set a farm and a tower as starting-kit. You can sell them later, to move in another place, but by building them you will skill up, earn clan gold, and check your members' willingness to actually build (building a base can be very boring for some players, and incredibly interesting ofr other ones).

Settling will require time, and will be hard. Be prepared facing war and being destroyed: look at it as part of becoming stronger.

Furthemore, consider also that the new offshore clan map is very hard: it has been designed to be challenging and difficult.
Older maps have more resources and might be better places to settle down, for new players' clans.
They seem full, but there is space.
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Re: Personal suggestions for new clans wanting to settle

Post by Ryaca »

Very good post
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Re: Personal suggestions for new clans wanting to settle

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