Scammers beware!!!

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Scammers beware!!!

Post by DaHobbit »

This announcement is made for the purpose of warning scammers, cheaters, thieves - if you scam another player, you WILL be punished. Repeat scams may result in ALL of your accounts being jailed - PERMANENTLY. There are no excuses for scamming another player, and I will be sure to find you and punish you.

If you have been scammed - please read & follow the instructions on this post: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12705
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Re: Scammers beware!!!

Post by MadMikael »

Just a note to everyone.

Since the new update, that has purchased items as backpack items, yes, there has been a decline in scamming.
This is of course, great news.
But this does not mean scamming is gone.

Please be careful in the game.
A player demanding gold first without trading could be scamming you (not necessarily, but it's possible).
More importantly: anyone asking for your password, is probably trying to cheat you! They do not need your password!

But let's not forget about those seeking to buy or sell accounts....
As stated in the game rules, this is a black market deal, and not supported. But just FYI - 80% of those offering to sell accounts, are in fact, trying to scam you.
Emails are not changed. They can reclaim the account if they have the email. Any items, gold, etc. you lose.... is gone.

If you're scammed in a typical trade over items or gold.. you're encouraged to post where DaHobbit mentions - the official scammer report post.
If you're scammed in some sort of account trade, you will need to contact an admin. They have green names on the forum.
For either case, you are encouraged to report as soon as possible. If you delay, your report may be considered invalid.

Now, if you report, it is not likely you will get things back at all - purchased items may be an exception, if you have receipts; that will be decided by the admin you deal with.
So why report it? Because if you don't, this scammer will just find another victim, and the same will happen to them that happened to you. Don't let these guys get away with it... report them, quickly.
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