Darkness of Fall

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Darkness of Fall

Post by Methoneus »

**Posted on the Kedington shop keeper door**

**You find the tattered note enveloped**

**You open it**

Men dressed in robes and pointy hats came from the darkness. Using an unknown force to be reckoned with; the men came, they saw, and slaughtered all but sixty men and women from the fishing colony of Mortarmen.

Three small to medium sized ships prepared for three months of travel, consisting of twenty people each, sail frantically into the sea on the first evening of fall. A captain for each with intent on reaching a mystic island to the east only pirates speak of in taverns afar.

During the adventurous journey, a storm set all three ships into a frenzy during the middle of the night, alas losing sight of one another from the moonless sky and foggy waters. Two ships are unanchored from my knowledge. Of the remaining, seven lie breathless on the ground; two of which are children, five others killed with their faces decimated by bee like creatures on our way through a canal. A brave diplomat travelling the land, five fishermen, three hunters, two women, a child, and myself stand as survivors of the first ship.


Scribe of Mortarmen
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Re: Darkness of Fall

Post by Gullander »

A dark day indeed. This land is not kind to the innocent or unprepared. Perchance these survivors will still find a haven here and make a new life for themselves. I fear though they will need help to do so. I hear there is a band of other seafarers here wearing the brand of pirate. But these unaccustomed to life on the land have formed friendly alliances. They are not strangers to this dark day as the scribe described and might be of help to these survivors wherever they might be. Time is of the essence or I fear more will be lost and the darkness cast over the souls of these survivors will yet grow darker.
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Re: Darkness of Fall

Post by LostKnight »

... interesting. I watch for further developments
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