Barkalen's Betrayal

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Re: Barkalen's Betrayal

Post by DerKing »

But there we have a problem. If this gets send to the GM inbox they will look into it. Maybe they have already.
But if anyone is feeling seriously uncomfortable with this or something else, please say so. Every person with at least some human decency will stop whatever they are doing.
Clan wars happen and they are a part of the game. But there is a person line that should not be crossed.
But i am sure the GM's will find the problem and solve it.

And i will of course not turn this into a quest if anyone of the peopel involved are not ok with that.
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Re: Barkalen's Betrayal

Post by madmaniacal1 »

wofi wrote: Sat May 22, 2021 5:39 pm
DerKing wrote: Sat May 22, 2021 5:02 pm I have a few questions as an outstander who isn't involved with any clan business.

First, what is this food you are talking about?
If you can't post it publicly i would appreciate a private message as i am now curious.

Second, what ia the exact problem here?
I read the posts, but it seems like normal clan war to me.

And at last, can i use some parts of this story and turn it into some quests? It seems like a decent backstory.
I would not use real names of course, but the story seems nice.
I and my brother made a clan map, we invited ppl we were Hapey together then we started war with each other, then Barkley base got sold and my bases got filled with baricks.
Faireyfking (the one seling base) TELEPORTED trought water to my base and made walls, then done harassment (have pictures) it's like eat a *** whitegrow but other.
Then we siged it, we got base atacked by more ppl, we had to rebuild then we were so SIGED that we called help)
They came and was killing the map, we killd most SHDY CIA cKy- base got sold, much ppl quit the game.
We killd MadMan who buyed clan GEO then we started so we don't have friends being signed we were held back a litel they got a free 600 tower we siged and siged a(was fun everyone could join) now evretying cataoults on Claw and it's 2850 38%castel😎
(Take it as a joke that's true but made to be more Funey for a Quest lol)
Your actions in this post are mostly true, but you fail to see the consequences of them. The players you brought into the map will dislike you even faster than we did. Once they kick you off the map, your flipping of sides means that nobody else will ever let you build with them.
I lost bases and builds. You lost respect and peace. I can go to nearly any other map and play. You will he hunted on any map you walk on.
Long term point: I lost the battle, but I won the war. Enjoy your last days in FT clans.
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Re: Barkalen's Betrayal

Post by Akkilles »

Now when everyone has said what they wanted to say I think this thread should be locked now.
I will repeat my statement earlier. Continue in private message or I might need to use my powers. Thank you.
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Re: Barkalen's Betrayal

Post by LordSeth »

Be prepared for a huge change for this clan map (134.134) all clan dukes need to be active this weekend and send a message to a GM stating your clan name and your character name that is duke of the clan. When we have more information we will talk it over with the clan Duke's of map 134.134 only.

This is only for map 134.134 clan Duke's, if you are a clan leader or member of a different map you can ignore this message.
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