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Re: Ore materials cannot be crafted

Post by Oizys »

copygogo wrote: Thu Oct 20, 2022 2:39 pm Ore materials cannot be crafted
There was an issue with all crafting but compbatant had fixed it now.
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Re: Ore materials cannot be crafted

Post by compbatant »

copygogo wrote: Thu Oct 20, 2022 2:39 pm Ore materials cannot be crafted
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by GDanielG »

Aogon wrote: Tue Oct 18, 2022 6:14 pm I confirmed with staff that this is how it has worked for a long time and is intended to work. If it is decided that is no longer correct, then I think you can expect in game behavior to change.
Thanks tell noob beastmage this ;)
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by Rudy Sk1 »

there is a bug in the game if I have the / filter command turned on, I cannot see a message from IGM and while checking Afk I will not see the message and a penalty will be imposed
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by SK1976 »

yesterday i was in clan many times and as i wanna go through a door it opens an empty storage.
i wondered because i thought it is my tower and all my items where gone.
After some more tries it opened the real storage of that tower next the door. And what a luck ... all items are still in that tower.
I think it is because the distance to a building.
has it been recoded ?

That means ... it is a little bit bugged. A door not have storage ... or is it new now ? lol ... i think not ;-)

The next is, that i recognized sometimes if i jump from 1 map to another the game crashes :-(
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by peacfeliz »

I respect the changes, but I can't help wondering if they are necessary. Because that's just making the hard thing even harder. There are 2 castles in a row and I have to constantly take steps to get planks. The space may narrow, but was it necessary to go to the bottom of the tower?
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by eskini »

Hello, my dear GM, you have an explanation of why the game is failing. I was in my clan, I take out some planks and then when I check, I get 4 backpacks, I go out and enter the game and I get 6 backpacks, then I take out more planks, I save them and they appear. 4 backpacks I log in and enter and 6 appear again but the ones that I am saving do not appear. I check the backpacks of my acc and they do not appear, I do not leave the /info to see if it checks, it must go back presented, so verify the bug or failure mapa 1.6 pos 139.35
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by insta »

I need help several hours of my game have been erased for whatever reason please help me? I lost alot of woodcutting experience and crafting experience! Not to mention I lost alot of magic trunks, I have no idea why this happened mostly because I logged in and out several times before this and it still took me behind several hours??? Please help!
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by Aogon »

By chance, did you logon to test server instead of main? It syncs up periodically, but is likely to be behind.
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Re: *Bug_Report*

Post by CoolerFloXD »

Can any GM help me? I cant hear anything with my Mage FLORI if someone write me. I thought i have /filter on but i dont and tryed to do it off/on many times and dont work
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