In Store Purchase PVP Protection Bug

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In Store Purchase PVP Protection Bug

Post by Ocdaboutgod »

Hello. I notice when being attacked by players that have PvP protection attacks me I can attack back but soon as they takes 1 step away from me and my character stops attacking that I can no longer attack them until they attack me again. This is so unfair with players abusing is. I feel like when a player with PvP protection attack some one, they should be able to attack back for at least 10 seconds even if the player try escaping.
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Re: In Store Purchase PVP Protection Bug

Post by justj99 »

I didn't think a player with Pvp protection could attack someone. Could they be activating it after they take a step away? Or do I misunderstanding how it works?
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Re: In Store Purchase PVP Protection Bug

Post by Gullander »

This is what the manual says if you buy pvp protection. Notice the last line.

"In case you don’t appreciate the combat aspect of FT, you can buy and activate the PvP protection. No one will be able to attack you for 7 days. Beware: the protection is not going to work if you are clanned or outlaw, if you enter a clan map, or if you attack first."

That's how it is supposed to work.
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