Unreleased Items Public Service Announcement

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Unreleased Items Public Service Announcement

Post by Aogon »

I want to point out something that was obvious to me, but it seems some don't understand.

Once in a while you might come across an item in the game that has not been released intentionally for players. There are lots of ways that can happen. You might drop it from a mob, fish it, dig it up, even see another player trading it for gold.

Two things to know in that situation:
1. The team will be very appreciative that you reported however you got said item. We might even consider it bug abuse depending on how that is.

2. There's a very good chance that it's going to get removed from any/all storage prior to official release to the game. Personally, I'd keep that in mind prior to giving another player all my gold to get it. But, that's me.

Play responsibly, friends! :D
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