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Post by mYHome »

How about the idea, if a player throws something out of their bag, then it appears next to the player on the map, and anyone else can pick it up!
The chest does not interfere with movement, does not block passages, disappears after 20 seconds

I have provided an example in the screenshot below
IMG_20230104_145619.png (2.75 MiB) Viewed 205 times
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Re: Drops

Post by cotne7 »

I think there will be tons of abuses then
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Re: Drops

Post by Chicken_Egg »

Someone could trow out something expensive by mistake and other players would pick it up and go.
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Re: Drops

Post by Oizys »

Yeah, I could imagine all of the complaints with that. Think of tossing out a number of items like you're trying to organize your backpack and how messy that would be. And what if your pets died? Even worse, what if your pets died and then you did too? Do you have chests sitting on some map or do they show up at spawn for people to grab? As it is now people can't figure out they need to keep important items like the cemetery key in their first backpack so that's a mess waiting to happen.

There's also a 100% chance that people would flood spawn with chests on purpose.
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Re: Drops

Post by Gullander »

If it's something that has a monetary value shops already buy excess items. If it doesn't have a monetary value but in game trade value like magic trunks, or meteors or soul stones, or ingots etc for gold then they can be sold to others. If we don't want to sell or trade we can just give it away or dump it. I think though the idea of finding a chest is certainly exciting and the duration suggested is brief till it disappears, it probably would be better to give someone what they know they can use instead of picking up a chest with things you don't need just to drop them again. I know the suggestion is to promote more fun in the game and that is appreciated! :D
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