Swordman GRINDING Skill

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Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by king08 »

This is for swordman. I think every swordman would agree with me that each class has a grinding skill except swordman. I play swordman character too and it only depenons on pets for xp. It has no grinding skill like other characters.
I have an idea for making FREEZING skill of swordman more useful especially for grinding mobs for xp.
Right now swordman can freez mobs and other players with freezing skill but they can still attack us if we are in their range. IF this skill will be modified like " when we use freez skill on mobs they freez like they can't hit too and when we use this skill on players in pvp they can attack when in range." And freezing duration will be same.
I am using lightening blitzbee pets for grinding. I get xp from grinding cursed cyclops usually. I can kill 6 mobs per min if I want to save myself and other characters can kill 8 of them per min. If I kill 8 cyclops per min I would be killed after some minutes or I have to pull back myself to regain my hp then start again( it's annoying). So I get only 60m xp and others get 80m xp every minute in cyclops map.
I know other sword players have same issue with other mobs and with other pets.
IF I have the freezing skill like mobs can't hit when I'm in their range then I will definitely get 80m xp per min in that map without getting pause for regaining hp.
Fire skill is a suiside skill for grinding and the level 30 skill useless for it too.
And freezing skill like I said will be same for pvp use and for grinding monsters only it needs to be modified. Thanks.
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Re: Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by Gullander »

I don't know if a freeze is the answer but I tend to agree. My Freya is great for grinding, but lousy one on one against a big monster where fury isn't practical. My sword is good against a big monster able to do 40% damage but as you say grinding it is impractical to give up 10% of your health to hit multiple monsters. I am glad for pets though...yes leveling slower for swords is a reality. That is one of the reasons though my first account was a sword I switched to my Freya. I wanted more progress for the time I invested!
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Re: Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by LostKnight »

No doubt about it. As a "main character", not in a clan, not into PvP, a swordsman is severely hampered.

1-on-1 with a monster isn't bad with "Always Hit", always a critical hit I might add, but it's a shot burst.

But generally speaking in a 'mob', you are attacking 1 while 8 are attacking you, MORE if they are ranged. So we have to rely on our pets to kill for us.
Doesn't help when it comes to quests, "Kill 1000 Minotaurs" where pet kills do not count.
Mages go in and out in a day, we go in for 3, 4, 5 days.

The ONLY time I use "Fire Sword" is if I have a mage friend healing, otherwise it's like King08 says: "Fire skill is a suicide skill for grinding."

I also agree that FREEZE should mean "character FROZEN" not just the FEET!

A dwarf can attack and kill "ALL" within range (Fury) and +2 run speed to get away in a hurry is needed.

Archers have "Fire Arrows", +30% kill factor, no damage to self. I'd trade "Fire Sword" (enemy:40% | self:10%) for "enemy:30% | self:0%" in a second.

Archers also have "Double Speed", plus they can now craft packets of 50 fire arrows to add another 10% damage.

Now having said all that, my main character is a swordsman: TOUGH LUCK!
No disrespect meant.

We could have done what Gullander did, changed characters early in game.
There is NOTHING stopping someone from starting another character and using that one.

For all the downsides of being a sword I'd not trade LK for any other character, and I was with in seconds of being an archer ...

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Re: Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by Oizys »

Sword used to have a 4th skill that was removed because people didn't really understand it. That skill reduced damage of mobs which would be very handy for grinding more mobs without healing.
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Re: Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by Lestat »

I miss that 4th skill. Halved enemy attack speed. Was my most used skill. Almost ruined sword for me.

But the main reason it was removed, pvp players were mad they couldn't carry speed pots, knives, and unfreeze. So in order to make them happy, the 120(if my memory is correct) skill was removed.
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Re: Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by Leone »

It was lvl 140, according to the game help manual. Either way, it doesn't exist anymore!


As to the original post, all classes have their strengths and weaknesses. I agree with Gullander and LostKnight. We adapt to these differences and always have the option of trying a different class and seeing how we get on.
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Re: Swordman GRINDING Skill

Post by king08 »

So there might be two options that the previous 140 skill or the other is freez skill as my opinion.
Because our boredom with grinding increases as the level increases. It's because only pets give us the xp and our connection with the sword character ( like pecific rim robots wow) is not like other characters as they need to be aware always for activating thier grinding skill and it's very interesting to see the mobs affected of the skill that we activated and watching their hp decreasing it's like we have cursed them. This will improve our connection with our character when we grind multiple of them at one time.
Like gullander did change the character. Many players did that too after spending so much time on swordman and getting bored for leveling them.
In higher levels we depends only in daily crafting quests and if have time getting 1 or 2 levels by grinding if we not get bored.
So if freez skill be improved for grinding mob only (same for pvp freezing their feet only) that would be great and player will find his way that on which mob he want to use it for grinding. I hope the future of swordman will be better
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