idea new parameter "evasion"

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idea new parameter "evasion"

Post by mYHome »

I suggest adding the "evasion" option to the game.

At the moment, only accuracy (DEH) is in the game

This is what the game looks like now:
to attack a monster or player and for your attacks to hit, you need 6 more DEX than the enemy.
If a monster or player has more DEX, you miss your attacks, but they attack you!

My idea for the evasion parameter would work like this:
The DEX parameter is the accuracy of the attack, and the dodge parameter is how you will escape from a DEX attack, for example, let's look at this with an example:
player1 has 150 DEX and 100 evasion,
player2 has 200 DEX and 100 evasion,
WHO WILL WIN? hmm interesting!
This is how it will be:
Player1 and player2 won't miss every attack because their dodges are less than each other's accuracy!
Now I will try to explain a little better:

Imagine that you are a master shooter, but you can't dodge if someone is shooting at you!
For example, if you have DEX 2000 but evasion is 10, you will be able to attack players who have 0-2000 evasion, but those players will also be able to attack you even if your DEX is 2000 because you can't dodge because you have 10 evasion!

Also now PVP will not depend on who has more DEX, DEX + evasion will work)

if you have 500 DEX and 500 evasion, then players whose accuracy is less than 500 will miss, and you, with 500 DEX, can attack those whose evasion is under 500
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