How to ensure you receive the bonus levels from referrals

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How to ensure you receive the bonus levels from referrals

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1. Get the link from game menu. You may edit the referrer name to any one you wish:

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2. Post it anywhere on the net. Or give directly to a friend.
Important note here: the link MUST be opened by the device Google Play app directly. Only then the referrer field will work. Opening it in a browser and installing app 'remotely' will erase the referrer field. This is how the Google Play works, so, sadly, we can do nothing about it.
Obviously, the game must not be installed at the device in question at that moment. If it already is, uninstall and install anew from the link.

3. All new accounts created on such device will have the referrer field filled, ONCE YOU LOG IN.
Important note: log in on the same device. Logging in on other device for the character's first time will erase the referrer field in new account. So, create account and log in at once. Then upon exit the game will save the referrer filed in character file.

4. Remember, erasing app cache will not influence referrer field for new accounts. Erasing app data WILL clear the field though. So, if you need to do that, better uninstall app and install anew from the link.
Also, updating the game will not make app lose the referrer field, all new accs will have it too.