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PVP better

Post by Robson jo » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:16 pm

My idea is based on the game because I see every day that the PVP and the war of cla and practically the art of this game ...

Well my idea and make the PVP items .. Oops yes improve the PVP as everyone likes 😀 ..

Part 1 of the idea and make a war mode of cla where the warlords had fought to hold on to the rank ..

A rank like this?
I'll explain...

This rank is where the clan stands for each war. Example>

The owner of the clause (A) type [/ War + "Name of the adventitious clause"].
The owner of the clause (B) type [/ Accept]. And so the war begins ..

Now let's go to the information ...

2nd part:
The war will have a duration of 5 minutes, After this time will be generated the points of death. Example>
Each person who kills from the opponent will give 50 points to his team plus 10 battle points for you.

The cla that leaves with more points will be the winner of the war and would have gained a value X in the rank, the cla that loses also gained a small value in the rank ...

3rd Part:
Each month in the rank update all the points will be reset and each participant will earn arena points or war points if he prefers and will have his gold medal for the victory, silver medal for 2nd place and bronze medal for 3rd place.

Everyone will have gained sand points ..
There you ask me. For what arena points?

I will explain: With this change if the Moderators approve open a new store of items, the more items will be by exchanging sand points.

The arena items will have the same attributes more with some additions ..
Example: Armor
Resistant to PVP 10%
Resebe 5% more monsters

Weapon: + 20% PVP damage
- 15% damage to monsters

So folks this was my idea I hope you like if garlic sweat wrong nois we will dictate about it to improve the idea
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