World Map and main Points of Interest

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World Map and main Points of Interest

Post by ardesia »

This world map is a bit outdated, since there are new maps and dungeons. (Arachnia)

Watch the World Map: Show
FT_worldmap_for_forum_mini.png (222.51 KiB) Viewed 33511 times
Red coordinates indicate clan maps (mind the underground one, not visible in this image)

A very detailed world map can be found here:
And this is a (slightly out of date) map of dungeons:
old_caves_map.png (210.98 KiB) Viewed 33509 times
FT world is composed by a main continent and several islands around it.
Some of them can be reached simply crossing a bridge, some require navigation, which can be provided thanks a few helpful boatmen and ship captains (well, some of them might require help or payment).
In order to move around the world you mostly walk around, so it’s important you try acquiring good boots!
There are several magic teleports, which will whisk you around in no time: Show
teleport.png (104.05 KiB) Viewed 34584 times
The world map is visible in game: click on the minimap on top left corner of your screen to see it.
Addition: with the map open, you are able to click any point of it to display the coordinates on the map; use the back button on your device to close the map.

The whole FT world is tiled in a series of maps, which are populated by villages, cities, mysterious dungeons, NPCs and monsters, not to mention other players. Maps are organised, and referred to, in a cartesian coordinates system.
You enter the world in a special map, often referred to as spawn map, start map, or map 0.
This map is the center of the world, the coordinates system refers to it as (0, 0).
All maps are referred to by an X,Y couple having its center at start map.
In this starting map and in the one below it (that map being (0, -1)), PvP is not allowed and you don’t risk being attacked by other players.
Monsters in some maps are more dangerous than in others; in general, maps closer to start map are less risky than ones more far away.

There also are several underground maps: caves, dungeons, cellars and basements are awaiting for your visit, monsters and dangers ready to welcome you! They are referred to with a special code, unconnected with main ground level cartesian naming system.

You can have a view of the world map and it’s coordinates system here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12249

You will often need to know your position, as an example to set a meeting with a friend. Use chat command /pos in order to have game display the coordinates of the map you are in, and your coordinates in it as well.
The map number you are on is represented by the first two numbers. The last two numbers are the coordinates of the point you stand in, in that map.

Some maps are clan maps: clan structures can be built there (often being defended by bot-guards which will attack and probably kill you) and there is no PvP restriction, you should carefully think about entering them.
Clan maps are: (-1, 2), (2, 2), (4, 2), (-2, -3), (3, -3) plus an underground one accessible via a magic portal located in (2, -2) map.

Main teleports:
(-1, -2) -- (2, -1)
(-1, -1) -- (-1, 1)
(2, 0) -- (2, 3)

Points of interest
As any populated world, FT has cities, villages and special places. Here is an overview of main locations:

(0, 3) Outlaws Fortress (outlaws revive here after dying)
(1, 3) Lighthouse
(2, 3) Brass Monkey Tavern; Red Crocks Field
(3, 3) Freyas Village; Fairies Island
(0, 2) Wesstein Mountain; Hermit Camp
(1, 2) Warlocks Fortress; Wagon Shop; a Pirate’s Landing
(3, 2) Library
(-1, 1) Bank
(0, 1) Lava Lake (with carbon ore mining field)
(1, 1) Oasis Palace
(2, 1) Amazon Village; Pyramid
(3, 1) Silverwood City and Cyclops (Red Monsters) Dungeon (with mithril ore mine field); Yellow Archers Field
(-1, 0) Viking Island; The Tower; Ghosts Dungeon (with gold ore mining field)
(0, 0) START MAP; Forrester Hut; Catacombs
(1, 0) King’s Summer Residence; Green Dwarves Dungeon
(2, 0) Mushrooms Field
(4, 0) Humans and Orcs Fortresses; Ogres Halfling’s Dungeon
(-1, -1) Pet & Magic Scrolls Shop; Blue Knight Castle
(0, -1) Kedington Village; Bandit’s tower
(1, -1) Blacksmith and Witch Shops; Orcs Dungeon
(2, -1) Martek’s Stronghold; Coliseum (in Martek’s Stronghold, enter through right hand door)
(3, -1) Spiders Field; Lake Village; Ice Cave
(4, -1) Trappers Village; Cavemen Cave
(-2, -2) Kraken Island
(-1, -2) Ashdown Village; a Pirates Landing
(0, -2) Ascanius; Black Knights Fortress
(1, -2) Frost Cave (with diamonds mine field)
(2, -2) Busted Stronghold
(3, -2) Lost Village
(-1, -3) Blitzbee island; Spiders Dungeons; Mage Tower
(0, -3) Ghosts Valley; Dungeon of Doom; Teleport Maze
(1, -3) King’s Gardens; Dragon Tower
(2, -3) Great Houses; Worms Dungeon

Last but not least, there’s a map you might wish never to visit: the Jail - a small room with no way out without GM assistance; if you end up here, you should contact a GM via forum PM. You may have a message on your game account telling you exactly who to contact; you should check that first.
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Re: World Map and main Points of Interest

Post by ardesia »

The World Map image, a to-be-updated underground maps image and the link to the satellite like map, are now added at the beginning of this topic: check the spoiler! :D
As per the several requests, clan maps are marked red in the map there.
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