Gamemaster list (aka staff), hierarchy and rules

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Gamemaster list (aka staff), hierarchy and rules

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Besides our game creator and (forum) administrator compbatant, all other gamemasters are volunteers, who are not paid for their work. Therefore you should not expect them to be in a particular place for any particular time. It is always possible to leave a PM on forum and they will answer you as soon as possible or to leave them a message in the game, too.

Game Masters can be contacted by sending GM Inbox a personal message.

This staff keeps our forum clean and the game running out of pure passions. If you call gamemasters in the game and they’re unable to help you, please don’t get angry with them. Be patient. If you would like to join the team, follow this link.*

Surely, gamemasters might make decisions with which you cannot agree. You may question their decisions, but do not start to argue about it - write personal messages instead of flaming the forum. To make it easier for you to decide, if something went wrong, we list some rules for the gamemasters further down. Also be aware of our game rules and forum rules:

Game rules:
Forum rules:

Staff list - our Game Masters
  • Forum administrators: compbatant, and Gandalf .
  • Forum moderators: all gamemasters are forum moderators, too.
  • Gamemasters (gold names in game): compbatant, El Majo, Gandalf, LORD SETH, Akkilles
  • Gamemasters (blue names in game): DaHobbit, JayG, monstercat, Neon, WiTch, Rasta44, Kromel_, , RevenShas
  • Junior Gamemasters (white names in game): -
Note1: There is also a gamemaster called gfxtest (blue name). This character is to test new items and content. Please do not wonder, if he does not answer or help you. Thank you :)

Note2: There is another gamemaster called testbot (blue name). This character controls if maps work properly. It is a bot, not a human and will not answer.

The gamemasters have an official clan called GM (formerly: LAW). Almost all gamemasters, including juniors, are in this clan.

At this moment, the following languages are spoken by at least one of the team: English (main game language), Catalonian, Finnish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.


[Game creator]
Creator of game. He codes, implements and adds new game content. Only logs on to check if a new feature works. He is the head of the gamemasters and has a final say in all things.

[Forum administrators and moderators]
Forum administrators and moderators ensure, that the forum rules are followed. They tidy up the sub-forums, answer questions and ensure, that files stay updated.

The golden named gamemasters administrate the game and lead the gamemaster group. They choose new members and write and edit game rules and game help. They work closely with our creator regarding game development issues. Gamemasters are exemplary players, who moderate game and chat. They ensure, that game rules are followed and answer questions of players, fix the common issues. Gamemasters with white names are not fully part of the team, but in training.

Regular players, who help the staff by watching the game and reporting issues like chat abuse, bugs etc.
Some of them might become gamemasters and being a watchmen is the first step for them. They should always act fair. Watchmen are incognito, but if they want, they can unveil their position, too.

They play and enjoy the game. They have to follow the orders of the staff team and the general rules as shown in a link above. Players keep this game alive and running! Trusted and helpful players will get rewarded by the staff from time to time!

Gamemaster rules

1. A gamemaster has to treat everybody equally. He shall not have enemies or friends in the game.

2. A gamemaster has to keep secrets within the team, if he got to know these secrets while working.

3. To avoid any abuses, the staff team has to take extra care with safe passwords. It is forbidden to share a gamemaster account with anybody else.

4. A gamemaster should provide assistance at any time.

Note: This does not mean, that he has to help other players. Helping comes with the passion for playing. They are installed as supervisiors and duty comes first.

5. The Staff watches the game, but should not intervene in normal activities, including PvP or PvM. If rules are broken, they will intervene though.

6. Killing and using powers are for work purposes only. Gamemasters may strike back if getting attacked by a player. They are not allowed to grind or to trade.

7. Staff should explain, before using their powers. The applied language is english. If the player is not capable of understanding it, he is supposed to be able to. Staff will try different languages too, if possible.

8. Clan GM is only there to organise the staff team. Members may not participate in clan wars or destroy other clan castles or any such activity.

9. Gamemasters are allowed and encouraged to create non-mod accounts. These can grind, join normal clans and have all freedoms of normal players on these accounts. However, similar to police officers, even when off duty, they have certain responsibilities. So evidence witnessed with non-mod account may incite them to log on GM account and act accordingly.

It is entirely up to the discretion of the gamemasters to interpret and enforce the rules above. A wrongdoing usually depends on context and we trust them to count this in correctly before making their judgment call.

If you feel abused by a staff member, remember: We are human, so we do mistakes. Please consider, that a certain staff member is not an evil, power-hungry or sadistic person. He just did his job to the best of knowledge.

For the regular accounts of our staff (called alts), some additional rules apply:

These rules are meant to let the staff team enjoy some normal gaming, but without reducing it for other players. also, they stay in equal contact to the gamers - so they may understand better their needs.

9.1. Always act based on the idea, that everybody knows that this is an alt of a gamemaster. Even if nobody can know, you have to act as they would know it.

9.2. An alt is not allowed to reduce game experience for anybody!

To hunt a special (i.e. outlawed) player down is not accepted.

9.3. A little swearing in public chat is ok, but not directed to any other player!

9.4. In every action, treat the alt like a normal player! Any support by a gamemaster account (teleporting, adding gold, private spawning etc.) is strictly forbidden!

9.5. If the alt has been added level (i.e. to test new maps where you need high levels), he is not allowed to force PVP! He may hunt outlaws and defend himself and he can create a small clan and invite some players and may protect them.

9.6. If the alt was built up without any help or extras, rule 9.5 does not apply. It is still forbidden to join one of the major clans and clan fights. This is to avoid misunderstandings between staff and regular players. What a major clan is, depends on the current situation and has to be discussed within the team every time.

*If you apply to become a game master you will need the following keyword to finish the application. The current keyword is: "Honor". 16/04/2024
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