Missing quests

The offline game was the original game and is different from the MMORPG!

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Missing quests

Post by 88mike1979 » Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:16 pm

So obviously I'm playing the offline version. There are many quests on the quest list that just don't show up such as the tutorial quests. However the big one is that the city commander for martek had a question mark up until level 49. It said come back at level 50. I came back at level 50 and now he has no question mark. My first question is "is there something I am missing?" I have done all the other martek quests. My second questions is, "if the quest is unfinished in the offline game, does that mean that the offline version has been ignored completely in favor of the mmo?" I hate mmo games. I don't like other people enough to want to play with them. And really enjoy the offline version but I feel like this game only wants the mmo. Is it really that difficult to import the quests from the mmo to the offline version?
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Re: Missing quests

Post by SellSword » Mon Feb 15, 2021 9:08 pm

There is quite a bit further you can go in the game than where you are at, but it has not been updated for several years now due to some compatibility issues. If you're looking at the 2020 quest list I put together there will be quite a few of those, including the tutorial, that do not show up in the offline game. Just for your knowledge there.

As far as your specific quest goes that might be the one where you need to talk with the commander on map 1.0 (somewhere around the shop there) first. He tells you that you need to go talk with the commander at the stronghold on map 2.-1 then. That is needed for one of the quests but I can't recall which one.

Regarding the mmo dislike, I get it. Not gonna suggest it isn't a mix of good and not so good.
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Re: Missing quests

Post by Gullander » Mon Feb 15, 2021 10:18 pm

That 50 quest is not active in the offline game of getting the three kings to Martek. It is too bad really because the reward is a level 50 wand which your mage could use.
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