Game Rules - all players need to obey them!

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Game Rules - all players need to obey them!

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Forgotten Tales Game Rules.

Our game rules are designed so that we can enjoy our wonderful game in a supportive and protective environment.

We do recognise that a minority of players may seek to disregard the rules and so they must understand the consequences.

In these game rules, normal players (including outlaws) are referred to as players. Game staff (including the Game Developer, Admins, GMs, IGMs, and any other definitions the game staff deem appropriate) are referred to as staff. (Event characters created by staff to directly engage with players are not considered staff for the purposes of these rules.)

Game Rules - all players need to know and respect them! Playing the game is considered to be acceptance of these rules and any future updates, regardless of whether players have read them. It is the player's responsibility to know the rules and follow them. New events or violations that the written game rules do not currently encompass may be handled as needed in the sole discretion of the staff. These rules may be supplemented, and any supplement will be considered part of the rules.
Please review these rules periodically, as they may be updated from time to time, regardless of whether changes are announced.

These rules replace previous versions of the rules. In case of any discrepancies between the rules in English and other languages, the English version is official.

Any changes or updates to the rules do not impact any prior punishments that were based on the rules previously in effect.

(last update: May 22, 2024)

Rule 0.
Respecting the staff.

The rules are enforced by our staff. You must always listen to them. They are in charge and make sure you follow the rules.

Players have white chat. Staff have different coloured chat. (Event characters have purple coloured chat, but are not considered as staff.)

Staff may visit you at any time or location to ensure you are following the rules.

Any threat of injury or death directed to the staff may result in every account a player owns being permanently jailed and a player banned from the game. Accounts in the official forum and Discord may also be banned. If threats continue outside the game, legal action may be taken.

Rule 0b.
Reaction To Staff In The Game

It is required that when any staff addresses you, you respond, even if only to say, "I do not understand." We do understand that there are language barriers, and will make an attempt to overcome them. However, even if you do not understand staff warnings you may still be punished for rule violations

Rule 1.
Contacting staff!

If you contacted a specific GM, and you receive no answer within 3 days you can contact another GM. You can contact a staff member by contacting any of the accounts in the link below. Contacting multiple GMs or members of staff in the hope of getting a faster reply is not allowed and can lead to you being ignored. This can also delay the release of a character from jail.

False or manipulated reports of any kind are not permitted and may lead to consequences that staff will decide at their discretion.

(click to open)
GM team

Send reports to the forum links below.
(Player reports must be formally submitted through the link before an investigation can be carried out)

(click to open)
How the report should be written

(click to open)
Player reports

(click to open)
Help reports

Other reports that break forum rules are sent privately.
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Forum rules

Rule 2.
If a player is frequently breaking rules, all of their characters or accounts, could face serious consequences!

Staff use their discretion to decide the definition of “frequently,” depending upon the situation.

Rule 3.
If you buy purchasable items (items in the game shop) for real money and there is a bug, report to the staff within 7 days!

When reporting this issue, it is recommended you contact an admin or the developer. Please include your account name and receipt number from your Google or Apple purchase history. Do not post these details in any of the game's public channels.

Note 1:
: Show
When you buy something, the Google server can be delayed for up to 24 hours. Please wait this time before contacting the staff regarding purchases not received. This is an uncommon issue, but it can happen. This is a Google/Apple-side issue and staff have no control over this.

Rule 3b.
Trade deals involving real money purchases are not supported.

Any such trades are at your own risk. If someone cheats you, staff will not replace or provide lost items, gold or purchases for real money. Please report these scams for our records as it may mean that it will help another honest player.

Rule 4.
Buying, selling, or trading accounts (called sharing) is not allowed under any circumstance!

Sharing is prohibited for any exchange, including, but not limited to the following: real money, in-game items and zero trade (gift from one player to another). Staff will punish players involved in any type of sharing in the same way.

Any violation results in permanent jail for all player accounts involved in the sharing process.

Further violations will lead to players being permanently banned from the game.

A single login proven to be from another person counts as sharing.

(click to open) All players permanently jailed before will stay in permanent jail.

: Show
Buying, trading or sharing accounts with friends or family members is classed the same as sharing with anyone else. Sharing your account with ANYONE means you are violating rule 4

Rule 5.
It is forbidden to use third-party programs!

It is strictly forbidden to use third-party programs (like auto-clickers or macros, and anything similar to them) to gain an advantage in the game. If you abuse the game in this way, you will receive consequences:

First violation: The player's character will be jailed for one month. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 33% and all skills set to zero.

Second violation: The player's character will be permanently jailed.

Third violation: All characters belonging to the player will be permanently jailed.

Rule 6.
It is forbidden to abuse a glitch or a bug.

If you find a glitch or bug, please report it to staff by private message. Do not report on any of the game's public channels as other players may abuse it.

Rule 7.
Reducing game-playing experience of others!

Actions considered as reducing the game-playing experience of others include, but are not limited to:
Abusing the sell button, sending multiple of messages to other players to annoy them, abusing the chat in any way (including spamming), blocking bridges/entrances by placing characters or pets in front (outside of a clan map), blocking spawn by leaving your pets to steal another player's xp without asking to join them, excessive hunting of another player not in a clan, being close enough to someone's spawn to have the mobs attack you instead, joining someone's spawn and killing their spawn without asking, spawning mobs on purpose to annoy a player, or doing anything else within reason to annoy other players.

: Show
Staff will determine whether any other actions fall within rule 7.
If someone acts in an inappropriate manner, leave the situation and contact our staff team. We will take care of it.

Punishment of actions under this rule depends on the situation and is at the staff's discretion, up to the following:

First violation: The player's character may be jailed for one week. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 10%.

Second violation: The player's character may be jailed for one month. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 20%.

Third violation: The player's character may be jailed for one month. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 30%.

Fourth violation: The player's character may be permanently jailed.

Rule 7 b..
Harassment Towards Players!

If you feel you are being harassed by another player you can report it to staff via PM or public forum.

Rule 8.
Chat Language!

Derogatory comments, hate speech, profanity, obscene remarks, and other reasonably-perceived abusive or hurtful language is not allowed in the game. This rule covers such comments in English and other languages. Violations will be considered as chat abuse and the player will be punished(does not apply while on clan maps).

This also extends to offensive clan names or character names. Bringing up external issues such as politics, celebrities, world events, and any other inflammatory subject can be punished as well. These issues do not belong in the medieval theme of the game. Spamming or flaming chat is also not allowed.

Staff determine what is considered as spamming or flaming chat and will act accordingly. Punishments are non negotiable.

Punishment may include in-game muting. Additional punishment is at the discretion of staff.

Rule 9.
Use a safe and memorable password and email!

At a certain level, you do not want your character to get hijacked by other players. The staff will NOT help you if the logs show your password is too easy.

Staff will not assist you if you no longer remember or have access to the email set for any character.

Each Account case is treated separately.
If you lose control over your account/character it might lead to consequences.
As an example: no items or gold taken from your character by players knowing your password will be returned by staff members.

Rule 10.
Referral bonuses

The referral program's aim is to attract new players while also rewarding you for inviting those new players to the game. Creating characters with a single purpose of receiving bonus levels to your own account is considered game mechanics abuse and will be punished by removing those bonuses and deleting the “spam” accounts.

Repeat offense may be punished more severely, including, but not limited to: jailing the player's main character and/or subtracting additional levels from it.

Rule 11.
It is forbidden to play AFK with or without pets.

Playing "AFK" (Away From Keyboard, i.e. not paying attention to the game and its events, even if for a short time period) while gaining xp towards character levels or skills is not permitted.Therefore, playing AFK in this manner will result in punishment. Violations of this rule will result in jail time as well as loss of levels:

First violation: The player's character will be jailed for 48 hours. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 15%.

Second violation: The player's character will be jailed for one week. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 20%.

Third violation: The player's character will be jailed for a minimum of one month. Upon release the character's level will be reduced by 30%. Depending on circumstances, the character may be permanently jailed.

Characters using siege weapons while AFK will receive the same punishments as above, and in addition, the character's siege trade/skill level will be set to 0 with each violation.

Rule 12.
Clan Warfare

Joining a clan is voluntary and players who do so accept the heightened risk of PvP. Players who join a clan and participate in actions on clan maps accept lessened protection offered by other rules.

Rule 7 and Rule 7b do not apply to players on clan maps. The GM staff will not punish any violations of these rules on clan maps.

Addition 1 - Special Skins

A player may choose to buy a special skin with real money from the shop menu called “Change Skin”. Currently there are 2 options of skins. You can buy the cheaper version and it gives you access to some skins that are provided for whatever your class may be.

Examples: Dwarves get dwarf-based skins, Swordsmen get sword-based skins, Mages get mage-based skins, etc.

There is also the more expensive item called the “Premium Skin.” This gives you more skin options to choose. This items allows you to choose between a limited number of different enemies in the game, and every class has the same options to choose from.

Note 1:
: Show
Players may give a GM two premium skin items in exchange for the player's choice of a Red Minotaur skin or the Grey Minotaur skin. No other skins are an option.
Note 2:
: Show
You may see other players in the game who have skins that are not available in the “Change Skin” or “Premium Skin” options. These players may have won their skins from special game events. This is currently the only way to get a different skin then what is provided. Additional methods may be added later, and it is up the the staff to decide requirements and what skins may be allowed. These skins may be only temporary.
Note 3:
: Show
Previous rules allowed special skins to be given as a reward for meeting certain criteria. This is no longer in effect.
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